Artist Bio

Style 2

I have always had a fascination with body adornment. As a young teenager, I would take the bus to a bead store in Santa Monica and spend hours deciding what beads and trinkets to buy with my small allowance. A few days later I would show off my creations to friends at school. After graduating from college with a business degree, I worked at a law firm in the accounting department. During my lunch hour, I would work on beading projects. Co-workers admiring my work started placing orders and a business was born.

I still work part time at law firm but spend most of my time searching for the finest gemstones and creating my jewelry collection. It is always gratifying to hear from customers how much they enjoy wearing my pieces. It gives me added incentive and keeps my creative juices flowing to design more works of art.

Thank you for your interest in my collection.

Debbie Yumori